Corporate and Commercial Agreements
We have a broad range of experience in corporate and commercial transactions. We have advised clients on corporate and regulatory matters and drafted contracts for various types of transactions. We also have corporate secretarial capabilities. Some examples of the nature of work that we do include:

Merger and Acquisition Transactions
Sale and purchase of shares and other securities
Sale and purchase of asset or business
Due diligence on target entities

Joint Venture Agreement
Shareholders’ agreement
Consortium arrangements
Voting arrangements
Joint development agreements
Partnerships and limited liability partnerships

Subscription of shares and other securities
Bond or note documentation
Offering documentation

Corporate Disputes
Shareholders and Joint Venture Disputes
Actions Against Directors
Corporate Restructuring and Workouts
Fraud & Corruption

Commercial Matters
Employment agreements
Service agreements
Restraint of trade agreements
Distributorship agreement
Sale of goods
Non-disclosure agreements