Our international clientele includes international contractors from China, South Korea, Japan, multinational corporations and venture capitalists from ASEAN countries, the Indian Sub-Continent, the Pacific Islands, South America and Western Europe.

We handle disputes across various industry sectors including construction, infrastructure, energy and natural resources, international trade, transport, telecommunications AND food & beverage.

This team is especially lauded for its dispute resolution capabilities for the construction, infrastructure, energy  and natural resources ranging from mediation, arbitration to arbitration related litigation such as enforcement of foreign arbitral awards or resisting enforcement of foreign arbitral awards against our clients in Singapore.

We are able to manage and conduct arbitrations governed by the rules of, as under the auspices of various international arbitral bodies including AIAC, CIETAC, ICC, LCIA, SIA, SIAC and SIArb.

Our arbitration practice is led by Timothy Ng. He was actively involved in the launch of the inaugural Law Society Arbitration Rules and was counsel for the successful party in the 1st arbitration proceeding governed by the Law Society Arbitration Rules. Timothy Ng has been appointed to the panel of arbitrators of various local and regional arbitral institutions.

The lawyers of this practice have appeared at all levels before the Singapore Courts.

The disputes which we are able to arbitrate on include:

1)   Construction Disputes including ship and oil rig construction;

2)   Infrastructure Disputes including airports, sea ports, water, power and other industrial plants and highways;

3)   Transport Disputes [Railways both underground and above ground];

4)   Corporate Disputes such as Joint Venture and M& A Disputes; and

5)   Matrimonial Disputes (Ancillary matters).