Our team also have expertise in handling dispute resolution of specialised issues such as the following:

A) Professional Negligence

We are experienced and able to assist in matters involving professional negligence, in particular, matters involving the duties of construction professionals such as architects, engineers and consultants. As professional negligence suits often involve high stake and are highly sensitive, an early and practical resolution of such disputes is always on the forefront of our minds.

B) Medical Negligence

Given the progressive shift in medical ethics and the law towards a more patient-centric approach, the expectation that medical practitioners provide the “best” diagnosis / advice / treatment for their patients is higher than ever. But when things goes terribly wrong when seeking healthcare, be it from general practitioners, specialists, surgeons, government and private hospitals, we recognise that such cases often lead to further and unnecessary pain and suffering. In such cases, we strive to obtain the best compensation for our clients from errant professionals and institutions, and to help our clients navigate through the complex and highly technical medical issues.

C) Probate Disputes

There are instances where challenges are mounted against both the Will and/or the executors of the Will. Such challenges are difficult to handle; it often involve deciphering complex trust arrangements and estate management. We recognise both the technical and emotional aspects in such situations and the cardinal importance of upholding your loved one’s true and final wishes before passing on. Thus, we endeavour to ensure that such disputes are resolved amicably, and for probate to go on smoothly.



A) 专业疏忽


B) 医疗疏忽


C) 遗嘱争议